January 6th 2013 06:04 am

Tips/Mods to Connect Xbox 360 Controller to your Android Jelly Bean device

xbox 360 controller connect android jelly bean

How cool is that if you could connect your Nexus 7 Jelly Bean Android 4.1.2/4.2-enabled tablet with an Xbox 360 controller to play a first person shooter game like the N.O.V.A. 3? The XDA forumners have make a detailed and yet easy guide just to connect any Jelly Bean device, regardless of phones or tablets, this guide is meant for any device with Jelly Bean and USB OTG (On The Go) support; most phones since the Samsung Galaxy S II does support USB OTG.

There’s a guide made earlier only for Nexus 7 months ago. And now, a different XDA developer member made the roughly same mods available to all Jelly Bean devices.

How this works? In the easiest explanation as detailed by the developer/modder itself;

what you do is strip an xbox controller’s cable, or the break away cable(this is smarter due to the fact you can still use your controller later with another break away cable), and strip a usb cable (the male end still in tact) and simply wire the corresponding colors together(Green to green, red to red, black to black, white to white). Now the xbox controller has a 5th wire which is yellow, you can ignore that one.

Don’t expect this to work flawlessly. Not all games were supported and the L and R button aren’t working.

Head to these link as well as this link if you are adventurous enough. Good luck.


Mod difficulty : 3/5 (if you have some technical background, this shouldn’t be that hard for you)



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