February 11th 2015

How Safe It Is To Browse Facebook, Twitter and Google in Workplace

techmostwanted key

When you’re working in the office, you sneak up the browser and type in Facebook to check your friend’s lunch posted picture, type a rant about your boss or Google over some job opportunities.

But is it safe? Does your company and your boss know what you surfed over the internet? Can the network be monitored over all you typed in the Facebook or Skype chat?

What you are communicating over the internet is via a protocol called Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) or Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS). The difference between these both is one being a secure connection and one will send everything in a plain text. Continue Reading »

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February 3rd 2015

Is Fragmentation a real issue for Google Android Operating System?


A word made famous by Steve Jobs. In fact, any words uttered by the late Steve Jobs would get famous instantly, that’s how simple minded we are aren’t we? Fragmentation in Android as defined by Steve Jobs, that the Android ecosystem has too many different hardware configurations to be supported; the application developer will need to buy a load of devices just to develop one simple game or app. That’s a total myth and BS! Continue Reading »

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February 1st 2015

Top 3 Best Smartphone With the Best Battery Life


Battery life is the biggest concern for smartphone buyers whether you realize or not. You don’t really care the performance as all mid-range to high-end phones do not have this lagging or sluggish performance anymore. Therefore, I have compiled this Top 3 of the best smartphone with the best battery life. This is strictly for early of Q1 2015, and only for phones that you can buy now. While you may argue that there could be some phones launching soon after the Mobile World Congress 2015 in March, but I doubt that you could get those devices at the same month. And I doubt those phones could triumph any phones in this Top 3 here. Spam in the comments if it turns out to be wrong(in 2 months time). Continue Reading »

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January 31st 2015

iPhone is terribly boring, according to HTC

Everybody knows iPhone doesn’t change much since its inception more than 7 years ago. Today, HTC’s Jeff Gordon took a jab to the fruit company by saying Apple’s handset is boring and an easy choice.

Well, if you ask me, I do agree about it. But the same applies to some popular handset like Galaxy range of devices which look almost the same for each iteration. And not to mention HTC as well, the handset design didn’t change much since HTC One M7. But HTC have far fewer users, owning one did make it unique.

source : PhoneArena

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May 28th 2014

The LG G2 Is Still the Best Android Phone to get

Mid of 2014, almost. We have tonnes of affordable Android phones ranging from Xiaomi Mi3, Google Nexus 5, Oppo Find 7a, or the least known One Plus One. All these phones priced at well around £300, or less. They Xiaomi Mi3 is one heck of a deal, a high end phone with a lower than Nexus price, you could get it at the price of USD230!

Anyway, for all the phones listed above, I leave out LG G2 on purpose, as this phone stands out among them. Continue Reading »

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January 7th 2013

Nvidia Tegra 4 Quad Core, What to be Expected on 2013 Android Phone & Tablet

nvidia tegra 4

Today Nvidia launched their worst kept secret, its ARM-licenesed mobile SoC, Nvidia Tegra 4. Nvidia CEO Jen-Hsun Huang confidently says the Tegra 4 has the world’s fastest CPU and GPU. Could this year mobile platform be shaped up more with just faster CPU and GPU? Do we really need that? And what to be expected for this year’s Android devices? Continue Reading »

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January 6th 2013

Tips/Mods to Connect Xbox 360 Controller to your Android Jelly Bean device

xbox 360 controller connect android jelly bean

How cool is that if you could connect your Nexus 7 Jelly Bean Android 4.1.2/4.2-enabled tablet with an Xbox 360 controller to play a first person shooter game like the N.O.V.A. 3? The XDA forumners have make a detailed and yet easy guide just to connect any Jelly Bean device, regardless of phones or tablets, this guide is meant for any device with Jelly Bean and USB OTG (On The Go) support; most phones since the Samsung Galaxy S II does support USB OTG. Continue Reading »

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January 2nd 2013

Apple iPhone 6 early teaser


Just when you thought you have the latest and greatest i-Product, you’ll surely feel disappointing to look at these early teasers about Apple’s upcoming flagship smartphone iPhone 6. While the iPhone 5 was announced back on 12th September 2012 last year, some test logs and some alleged snapshot of this upcoming iPhone 6 was leaked to the public today. Just roughly 3 months after its previous flagship was announced and we already have another flagship smartphone from Apple soon? Well, there are other rumours stating that we could anticipate the new iPhone6 as early as June 2013! We can take a pinch of salt for that. Continue Reading »

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December 21st 2012

Solve Samsung Galaxy S3 i9300 Lag Sluggish on Android 4.1 Jelly Bean Update

samsung gs3 galaxy s3 i9300 jelly bean

By now, I guess most Samsung Galaxy S3 users have updated their phone firmware/OS from Android 4.0 ICS to Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. Android Jelly Bean offers some enhancements over Ice Cream Sandwich. Some of the most notable enhancements include Project Butter which gives buttery smooth UI, Google Now the personal assistant search and the improved notification system. Details of these improvements will be discussed in another topic. Anyway, I’ve came across some users complaining the lag and sluggishness on the newly updated Jelly-Beaned Galaxy S3. This give me some headaches too as I myself did experienced this sluggishness on my newly updated Galaxy S3. I’ve did some research, some trial and error approach of uninstalling certain apps, and voila. I’ve got the solution for this problem. Continue Reading »

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September 18th 2012

Samsung Galaxy S4 early rumoured hardware specifications

No, this is not the Samsung Galaxy S4 of course.


It’s just 4months plus since the launch of Samsung Galaxy s3 with the funny lame tagline “Designed for humans”, now we got some hints of what to be expected for Galaxy S4. Do note that these are early speculations based on information derived from an unnamed Samsung executives. Continue Reading »

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